Time Talent, and Treasure

All activities at St. Dominic focus on helping people grow in their relationship with Christ, in order to become Intentional Disciples. Opportunities are available for adults and teens to learn about and grow in their Catholic faith. We strive to meet every person where they are in their lives, and provide the assistance and resources needed to know, love, and serve God. All St. Dominic activities support some aspect of discipleship. Here is a brief list of available opportunities:

Altar Linen Cleaners

This is a group of parishioners who wash and iron the altar linens on a rotating basis.

Baptism Prep Team

These volunteers instruct an help those who wish to baptize their children in the Catholic faith. This team works with parents of children under the age of 7; those older than 7 enroll in RCIC instead. The classes focus on the parents' responsibilities to raise their children in and teach their children about their faith.

Befriender Ministry

The members of this ministry meet one-on-one with a person experiencing the grieving process or may minister to the homebound. Training is available.


The parish has six teams of offertory counters that meet on rotating Sundays to count and deposit the offertory money from masses each weekend. Members of this ministry need to fill out an application and consent to a background check.

Church Cleaners

This volunteer ministry is made up of parishioners who clean the church weekly.

Faith Formation

Our programs include RCIA, RCIC, CCD, youth and sacramental prep.  Religious Education Teachers and Aides, Confirmation and RCIA Sponsors, Vacation Bible School Teachers and Aides, Retreat Helpers, Bible Study leaders, and those who plan parties for Christmas and the end of the year for students are all part of the ministry. Diocesan Foundation Training and criminal background checks are required for all ministry positions.

Fostering Hope

St. Dominic Fostering Hope is a ministry that consists of teams of volunteers from the parish who assist and form relationships with local foster families. The team members help with the practical needs the foster families have.  The volunteers often become like extended family of the foster children and the foster parents.  Any ability, talent or gift a person has can probably be utilized in a foster family. Team members offer child care, occasional meal help, driving children to appointments, tutoring, art, attending ball games and concerts, house hold repairs, just to list a few of the ways that folk can make an impact on the children in foster care. At the same time, the team members give emotional and practical support to the foster parents.

Friday Prayer Group

An open prayer group that meets every Friday at 9 am in the parish office. A Prayer Request Book is located in the narthex of the church, where parishioners can write their prayer requests each week.

Friendship Needle Crafters

Our mission is to crochet, knit, and hand-make garments full of love and prayers for our parish and community. We hope that whoever receives one of our garments (shawls, lap blankets, scarves, or pocket prayer shawls) will feed God's love and be blessed with His grace. Anyone who wishes to join or lend a helping hand is welcomed to attend our meetings, held every other Thursday from 10 am - noon in the Family Room.

Funeral Receptions

These receptions are provided and served by members of the parish at no cost.  We have four teams who prepare and serve. Please contact the parish office if you are in need or wish to donate or help.

Greeter Team

The greeting team welcomes parishioners and visitors to St. Dominic before weekend masses.

Handyman Maintenance Ministry

Periodically, the parish needs help from carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, building and grounds maintenance, etc. These volunteers help the parish maintain the church building and grounds.

Healing Journey for Women

The Healing Journey class is a 29-week comprehensive Bible study designed for women who want to learn God's principles for healing. It is primarily a Bible study that gives women the opportunity to personally process the painful events of their lives.

Holy Hour

This is a time of Eucharistic Exposition and Benediction on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM.  This can be a time of personal renewal and to pray for the intentions of the Holy Father.

Let Us Pray

Opportunities for growing more deeply in a prayer life and relationship with God. Various prayer growth classes and experiences are offered.


Located in the Family Room, our parish library contains over 1,300 books and DVDs for adults, young adults, and children on a variety of spiritual and religious topics. Items can be checked out for 2 weeks at no cost, and returned to the Book Drop in the narthex. Library volunteers are available at the library cart in the narthex to help you find items to check out after weekend masses, or visit the library for self-checkout. Donated books and movies are welcome! Volunteers are needed to assist parish members with checking out materials. The time commitment is a half hour after the mass that you usually attend, approximately once per month.

Marriage Preparation

Deacon Albert Kimminau is the facilitator for marriage preparation, and he is in need of assistance from FOCUS COUPLES who help in this ministry, as well as Spanish-speaking couples to help with marriage preparation. This is an opportunity for a husband and wife team to help a young couple prepare for marriage.

Ministers of Hope

The members of this committee give support and assistance to parishioners who are ill or dealing with grief. This is accomplished by prayers, phone calls, or mailed cards.  The Ministers of Hope establish a rapport with the parishioners, enabling the ill or those dealing with grief to feel a link with their parish community. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at 3:00 PM.

Ministry of Prayer and Petition

Intercessory prayer for specific parish monthly prayer intentions. Multiple groups (including Homebound, Adoration, Friday Prayer Group, Let Us Pray, and Living the Eucharist) pray for the same intentions each month.

Office Help

Volunteers are needed to answer phones, perform general office work, stuff bulletins, and assist with seasonal parish-wide mailings. Volunteers working in the parish office (unless stuffing bulletins and mailings) must fill out an application, submit to a background check, and complete Diocesan Foundational Training.

Perpetual Adoration

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration is the adoration of Jesus Christ present in the Holy Eucharist.  The Eucharist is displayed in a monstrance so that we can pray and worship Jesus continually throughout the day and the night. St. Dominic is the only parish in the diocese with the gift of 24/7 Adoration. This opportunity reminds us of Christ's words to Peter in the garden of Gethsemane, "Could you not watch one hour?" (Mark 14:37). Father Bill considers this "our most important ministry." Please agree to be with Jesus for at least one hour a week. Your life will be changed.


Also called fiesta de quince años, is the celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday in parts of Latin America and elsewhere in communities of people from Latin America. This birthday is celebrated differently from any other as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. If you have a 15 year old daughter who wants to celebrate her Quinceanera, St. Dominic Parish has a new policy. We now do them in groups and will have a Blessing for the Quinceanera on the third Saturday of each month at Mass. The families will be able to have their huge celebration after Mass.

Right to Life

This is a group of parishioners who help to promote and educate the community on the Catholic teaching concerning human dignity and life. They organize and participate in parish prolife efforts , including Blessing Baskets for parents of newborns, as well as support diocesan efforts.

Rosary Makers Group

Learn to make rosaries that are donated to parish and diocese ministries. Both cord-and-bead and wire rosaries are made by this group. Classes are free, and all materials are provided. Multiple classes are held each month in the counters room near the main door of the narthex. See the parish calendar for class dates.


These volunteers prepare the sanctuary with the necessary liturgical objects needed for mass. They assist visiting presiders with the pre-liturgy preparation, coordinate laundry duties with the altar linens team, and order supplies.

Secular Franciscan Fraternity

Secular Franciscans are a lay religious order of Catholic men and women in the world who seek to pattern their lives after Christ in the spirit of St. Francis. They live ordinary lives in the world rather than in religious communities and may be married or single, women or men, in all walks of life. There is a period of initial formation and discernment, after which those called to the Franciscan way of living will profess and become lifelong Secular Franciscans. Our local fraternity serves this parish in many of our ministries.

Small Groups

Small groups consist of adult parishioners who meet once or twice a month to learn about the faith, pray, and build community. Each small group has a different teaching focus, but the same general format that includes learning, prayer, and community.

Sound Booth

The sound booth controls all audio and video to support Masses and other church events. Volunteers ensure all equipment is on and working and appropriate lights are on. They control microphone volume and lighting during Mass and events, raise and lower screens as required, project slides if necessary, and project and video events (baptisms, first communions, etc.). After Masses and events, they ensure all equipment is turne doff and secured and the booth is locked.

Spiritual Book Club

This ministry is focused on enriching our spiritual lives and helping us grow in relationship with Jesus. Each meeting includes prayer and discussion of a spiritual book to help us grow in our understanding and living of our faith, as well as to build community with other parishioners. The book club meets every other Monday night from 7-8:30 pm.


We need parishioners to help transport members of the parish to doctor appointments, to Mass, etc.


Ushers assist people to the pews, take up the collection, count the number of Mass attendees, and ask people to take forward the offertory gifts. They chaperone as people receive communion. They straighten the pews after Mass, hand out bulletins, and assist the greeter team.

Welcome Table

This team of volunteers staffs the information table in the narthex before and after weekend masses. They help visitors learn about the wonderful opportunities in our parish, and help parishioners understand and integrate more fully into the St. Dominic community.

Youth Ministry

St. Dominic provides a safe environment for youth (middle school and high school) to be themselves and to learn about Catholicism. This ministry area includes Confirmation instruction over two years and a Youth Group. Adults are needed to help in all areas. Youth Group activities are posted on the Youth Bulletin Board in the narthex - check the board for meetings times, special events, and information about youth activities.